Event design brings style to your chosen venue and will transform your event into a curated experience. Design creates a unique look and feel and the perfect atmosphere.

event management

Event management pertains to the logistics - it's how your event will unfold. It includes the inside of the clock that most people don’t see, the practical side of making sure your event runs as it should. This comes down to making sure that the proper personnel and equipment are delivered on time; security and police are on hand when needed; valet and parking is provided for your guests; your location is appropriate for your needs; transportation is plentiful; and the thousand other details that the success of your event depends on.


From the onset of the planning stages to execution, events have many moving parts. Whether you're planning an intimate experience for 20 people, or a corporate-wide event for 40,000 employees, proper planning is the backbone of the event experience.


New brand activations including re-branding, creating a new branch of an existing brand, require a proper activation to maximize marketing exposure. With the current climate of social media alongside major outlets, brand activations need to be modern, targeted, and on-trend.